Sunday, December 12, 2010

Venue Option: Overture Center

This is the first in a series of outlines of different venues I'm considering. Keep in mind that, while I am drawing information from the locations' websites, I am drawing conclusions based on my own criteria. I may not be thrilled about a potential venue that seems perfect for your shindig, and if that's the case...don't listen to me! These are just my preferences. To get things started, let's begin with the Overture Center.

Well, the architecture is crazy beautiful and the inside is very grand, for starters. There are several lovely rooms to choose from depending on the size of your party, but the rental fees can get a little high. It is situated on State Street, so a vibrant downtown atmosphere comes with this venue choice. Because it's downtown, there are any number of hotels nearby that would make your event easy to walk to. If you have a special connection to the music world, this would be a great place to get married.

Although beautiful and impressive, the Overture Center has gotten a lot of so-so press lately. There have been a series of money mismanagement issues, and now the place is essentially bankrupt. The current debate is whether or not the city will take ownership of the center and foot the bill to keep it running.

I've heard from two brides who had their wedding there that it's a georgeous venue, and they both confirmed that it's in convenient proximity to hotels. My sources also said that the food left something to be desired. Both said it was good, but not great. One bride did say that they were very accomodating and willing to work with her, but they weren't wowed. They both also said that they basically blew their budget on the food. Food is one of our non-negotiable things, so I'm looking for great. Also, the price per plate for dinner is $19+ dollars, and the buffet is $25+, so this would put a healthy dent in any budget.

So, let's review...

PROS: beautiful, lively downtown atmosphere, convenient location for guests to get to

CONS: $$$, maneuvering downtown could be annoying, allegedly so-so food