Monday, March 29, 2010

Incorporating Madison into the Wedding Weekend

I seem to have strayed a bit from part of the mission of this blog: discuss planning a wedding in Madison using local resources. I think this is because I am still in the very beginning planning stages, and as of now I have no deadline. I can amble around looking at whatever I feel like with no consequences or time restraints. No more! I've been accumulating some ideas from other people to include as possible resources for weddings in this great city.

I forget where this was, but somewhere a Madison bride said she took her guests to a u-pick berry farm, and then used their yield as part of the wedding dessert. Love this idea! It's a fun group project that directly contributes to the reception. Also a great way to get people to mix and mingle.

Several brides have purposefully held their weddings downtown (coincidentally at the same location) for several reasons. Everything you need (hotels, venues, food, entertainment) is within walking distance so no one has to rent a car. Utilizing all that downtown has to offer showcases the city at its best, and also shows out-of-towners why we love this place so much and call it home.

I hope to turn our wedding into a weekend long celebration/mini vacation since everyone will be coming from several states away. I am trying to remember the things I love about Madison and using that as a springboard for planning events, venue selection, food, etc. More to follow as it develops.

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