Monday, September 6, 2010

Tiny Top Hats! Yes!

Okay, so, as I've mentioned before I really like hats. I am also not wearing your traditional long veil so I am seriously interested in alternative hairpieces. I've been seeing a lot of brides in tiny hats and I LOVE THEM!!! I've scoured the internet for affordable milliners, but the ones I like the most are a pretty penny. Side note: for the longest time I thought a hat maker was a haberdasher. Come to find out that's someone who makes men's clothing. A milliner is a hat maker, but haberdashery is so much fun to say.
Anyway, this tiny top hat tutorial made its way onto Offbeat Bride the other day. Thanks, Offbeat Bride, for being so awesome. I have no idea if I'm a tiny top hat lady or not, but we'll just have to find out now won't we. I suppose I could always alter the pattern a little to come closer to these other beauties I've found. I mean, come on....

Yes, please. Can you stand how awesome this is?!

And this one! I am in love!
All photos from the exquisite Jane Taylor Millinery in the UK. I may just have to buy one in the end. I'm drooling over that first comma hat. Maybe not in black, though.


  1. Oh, you should check out a company in Minneapolis (where I am!) - Posh Rebel. They don't so much make hats as embellished veils and things, but they are super cute and also wearable.

  2. Yes, ma'am! Those headpieces are awesome and something I can see wearing again. Thank you for hipping me to it. I love the colors and some of the more unique designs. I'm kind of in love with Helen, Irene, and Priscilla for a more traditional bride kind of look. Blanche, Mildred, or Gertrude if I feel daring. Maisie is classic and sweet and originally what I was looking for.