Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thinking of Venues

UGH!! It's been in the 80's these past few days, which is totally killing my fall euphoria...or should I say eufallria? I've been distracting myself by making a preliminary guest list and checking out venue ideas. I've been looking around town, checking out other local weddings, and finding some serious inspiration. There are actually a lot of awesome non-ballroom options that I'm thrilled about. Here's a running list so far.

Quivey's Grove (literally a couple blocks from where I live)
Agora Pavillion (Fitchburg)
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (downtown! I'm in love with the architecture)
Goodman Community Center
Overture Center

As you can see from my choices, I'm really torn between a stylin' city wedding and a rustic country wedding. I plan on devoting a separate post to each location, complete with pros and cons. I'm sure I'll add more locations to the list as I find them. I haven't even had time to look at the many parks in town yet. If you, dear readers, have any experience with any of these venues I'd love to hear about it. More on this as it develops...

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  1. I got married at the Lussier center

    There are some pluses that are hard to find elsewhere - you can bring in your own caterer (they have a suggested list, and are open to licensed caterers), your own cake, and your own booze.