Sunday, October 3, 2010

Videography? Maybe Super 8 Style.

I am really digging the super 8 trend that is emerging in wedding videography. I'm not too keen on having someone video tape the entire wedding because I really will never watch it again. We never watch the home movies we have already...the play by play is so boring. Plus, I hate seeing and hearing myself on camera. There's a reason I never took those film acting classes. It's like a giant bug eye staring down at you, but for some reason I'm completely fine with photographs. Go figure.
Here's where Hello Super 8 comes in. I think I first discovered them through Offbeat Bride, but don't quote me on that. I am in love with the Hello Message Booth! It's like a living photobooth where your increasingly inebriated loved ones can write and leave you filmed messages. These are then edited and placed to a perfect soundtrack, and the result is pure magic.

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