Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hair Idea for Perfectionists Who Want to Let Go

Let's just get it out there...I'm a perfectionist. For better or for worse, I'm always tweaking a project and I never feel finished. When thinking about hairpieces I can feel my perfectionist tendencies coming out...they're all like Hey, why buy a fascinator for 60+ bucks online when you can make it yourself for less..and then I'm all like, That's a great idea, self. But I'll probably be overly concerned about placing that feather just so. Then I saw a movie that may have solved my problems: Marie Antoinette.

Have you seen this movie? It's so beautiful I can't even believe it, but it's uber girlie. It's one of those color palettes that I love on someone else, but if I had to live with it in real life I'd get a toothache. Observe: Anyway, as I was becoming more and more enthralled with the costume design and set dresser choices, I noticed the hair. It's much more understated than you would expect, and has this minimal asymmetrical quality that I look for.
A well-placed feather cluster here, a sparkly clip there, and there you have it: a lovely hair accent that shouldn't cost a lot, and won't over tax my perfectionist tendencies. The key will be finding a really good hair dresser who has an eye for balance.

All pictures from WeddingBee.com's page on style inspitation from Marie Antoinette

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