Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diamonds in the Rough

I don't want to completely dump on Brides magazine. Not every piece of advice in there was ridiculous. There were several that made me smile. Here are the winners:

1) If things don't go exactly as planned, go with the flow-if you relax, your guests will, too. -Alison Hotchkiss, Alison Events

I completely agree. You've heard that attitude is everything, lead by example, fake it till you make it (in various contexts), etc. People will take their cue from you. Smile and laugh it off, whatever it is.

2) Don't worry about what so-and-so thinks. You'll feel best if you are wearing the items that you love. -Fred Hord,

I love it when the experts give you advice that basically says, Screw what even I, the expert, think. Do what makes you happy. Enough said.

3) Don't worry if "your song" is corny or syrupy-if it means a lot to you, make it your first dance. -Donna D'Cruz

Another call for authentic self-expression. I love it! If you love something corny or cheesy...embrace it. It can only serve to make your wedding more "you."

I also love, love, love that what I have deemed the good wedding advice advocates grace under pressure, and surrounding yourself and your guests with things that are meaningful to you. That's the good wedding advice round-up. I'd love to hear any good advice you've given or received.

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  1. One thing I was really happy about was that we chose all the music that was played. Our DJ was a friend, and we worked with him on the entire music playlist. We did alot of research, listened and chose songs that would be fun at certain intervals during the party. An example of this was when it was time to have the ceremonious "champaigne toast" we played a song by, I forget, called "Champaigne Jam" and the wedding party and ourselves went around pouring the glasses at each table......that song played while we did that. It was the 80's, the song was a cool choice for that era, and it was different. I also have a good honeymoon tip: As soon as you get there, you buy 2 postcards. On the last morning of the honeymoon when you are sitting there having coffee and breakfast you take out the postcards and hand one to him and say let's write each other a postcard. Don't show each other and mail them immediately. Our's took 2wks to get to us, and it was fun to relive the "mood" when the cards came.