Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding at Isthmus Green Day

There is apparently going to be a green wedding on Saturday, April 17th during Isthmus Green Day at the lovely Monona Terrace. There are a whole slew of green businesses contributing to Kelly and Mike's wedding to make it as sustainable as possible. Check it out here. This got me thinking about ways to make our wedding more environmentally friendly. It's something I think about but haven't actively investigated yet. I think our natural propensity to simplify and get rid of crap we don't like is going to help a lot with that. Online RSVP's are something I am psyched money wasted on postage and extra stationary. The same goes for menus. I cannot for the life of me understand printing menus. I see no reason to waste money and resources by telling people what they're going to eat ten minutes before they eat it! Choosing a location that is Travel Green Wisconsin certified would also be a good start. Buying a pre-loved dress contributes to eco- and wallet friendliness. A fabulous resource for green wedding ideas is 2000 Dollar Wedding. Sara and Matt made their wedding's environmental impact one of their top priorities, and their ideas are many and varied. What have you done to make your wedding more green?

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